Nifty break the 200 DMA on expiry. If we see on charts it shows the triangle formation we can see the down side level at 5438 level and the next important level to watch out for in NIFTY major resistance would be mainly 5620 which is around 200 DMA and next MR is 5750. Below 5550 major weakness in the market and may test 5375 in near term. 

Yesterday BSE SENSEX showing very volatile session and showing negatively. The next important level to watch out for upside MR-18710 and downside MS we see 17804 levels. Its indicators also negative side.
Over all last week closed 3% and its penetration of the 19000 level indicate near term trend is bearish. Break of this important level in near term likely test 17925 . However long term trend is still bullish with consider major support of bull market is 16000 and hold this level in coming days/month will stay positive and re test of the life time high again cannot be ruled out. 

Now in that time BANK NIFTY was showing very volatile session last day of the week it closes negatively. If we see in the charts it give the breakout on downside at 10700 level. And next target we will see at 9905. And if we see the MR LEVEL 10900 It can show positivity we expected.
Trading range 10500 to 11150..... Weekly close below 10500 down side target 9800-9000 in near term. Resistance 11500 .
Major support broken - time to sell... with consider resistance...................down side last and final support exit................thereafter free fall up to...............3000. (we are in selling mode at the level of 3280 and still hold short position)
Hot Sell--- 1300 now watch to support level.......thereafter more down side...

Below 1040-1050 do not think to buy this stock.. Once break and trade below.... Their major resistance level.........?............and closed below likely test 800 + in near term.
First we gone short below 300 and added below 285 and more added more 250 .. and still showing weakness.... But at the current level over sold counter.....any panic to consider support 200 level and start buying in small lots and forgot about Index-market. Just buy leader have a patience.
Big down side in coming days.... Your stop loss .......?..... for short position...last and final support exit..................then watch the horror show in this counter. (Our paid clients holding short position with hedging... On Friday we gone short big quantity at the level of 232 and cover 221 - if you gone simple 5 lots ...2000 x 5 =10000 shares and gained 10 points, simply earned Rs. 1.00 lacs)

Time to sell of....Our target.......?............resistance 1220-1230 watch out.... (we are having a short position in this counter)
Please do not excite this counter.......Major resistance 650 and support exit 620... First target 580, thereafter vertical fall really you will see in Trading Screen.... Real move only above if closed above 700 level.. till then sell on rise strategy. 


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