BSE index: (16416) Buy on declines considering 16359 a nearest & 16302-16265 a solid support keeping stop loss of 16256. Upward side crossover above 16463 it'll surge up to 16560 & thereafter to 16673 & 16748.
Downward side break below 16256 it'll fall down to 16104 on intra day basis, buy on declines keeping stop loss of 16068.

Nifty SEP future: (4940) Buy on declines considering 4918 a nearest & 4888 a solid support keeping stop loss of 4875. Upward side it'll surge up further to 4993 & 5058. Downward side break below 4875 it'll fall down to 4833 & 4820 on intra day basis. In worst scenario break below 4820 sudden panic will drag it down to 4750.

Bank Nifty SEP Future: (9365) Buy considering 9314 & 9255 solid supports keeping stop loss of 9217. Upward side it'll rush up to 9401 initially which is a crucial resistance to watch out for. Crossover above 9401 it'll spurt up further to 9471 & 9604. Downward side break below 9217 it'll fall down to 9144 & 9099-9060.
M&M: (730) Buy considering 724 a solid support keeping stop loss of 717. Upward side it'll rush up to 747 initially which is a crucial resistance. Crossover above 747 it'll spurt up to 765.

TATA MOTORS: (731) Buy considering 720 a solid support keeping stop loss of 710. Upward side crossover above 736 it'll spurt up to 752 & 762.

BOI: (312) Crossover above 315 it'll spurt up to 329 & 336-339. Downward side 305 & 297 solid supports.

SYNDICATE Bank: (98.20) Buy keeping stop loss of 95.25. Upward side it'll spurt up to 102.50 & 105.50.

BHUSHAN STEEL: (334) Buy considering 327 & 320 solid supports keeping stop loss of 318. Upward side it'll spurt up to 350 & 360.

INTRADAY NIFTY STOCK :Last week was very, as in this column mentioned, that below 5382 and 5000 major weakness in the Nifty and finally test a low 4720 on Friday trading. Market has currently entered in over sold region, however any rally will be short-term and again higher level selling opportunity. In this week we may consider resistance 4811-4865, down side support 4630-4528 watch out. Below 4500, another round of panic, which will take up to 3989-3800 mark sharply. Close above 5100-5250 will indicate index ready to sustainable recovery likely. 

Today: Yesterday Nifty given the gap up opening on positive side. And showing short covering in the market with strength at the end it closes positively 3.62%. Technically it is in oversold trend but finally breaks the trend because of short covering. Today consider resistance 4970-5055, downside support exit 4803-4786-4700. Today Magic No. 4940.

BSE : Last week market it was mentioned that 16432 a last and final support, thereafter sharp down side start and it was made a low 15765. Overall sense is current level deeply oversold from a short term prospective? In ties week, we may consider previous low i.e. 15650 and 15330, on the higher side resistance 16250-16600 and major resistance 17000 is required for sustained recovery in the market. Trend Decider of this week 16054. Overall close watch 16000, weekly and monthly close below index will drag down up to 14500-13000.


Intraday Nifty Stock market Tips For Today :Last week it was made a high 5132 but due to global weakness major weakness was seen resulted it was made a low 4796 and finally made a close at 4845 with a close of more 300 points. 

As this week is a FO expiry so high volatility in the market continues. We may consider resistance/pull back 4925-4950-5050 again a fresh selling pressure down side support is 4800; decisively break more downside up to 4730-4692-4538. As per Fibonacci projection it hold support level 4800, little bounce back, if unable to hold, down side target 4300 or below in coming days. Close above 5250 think to medium recovery. 

Today: At the end of the week Nifty opens positively it was showing very volatile situation in the market and closes with correction negatively. Now today consider resistance 4900-4925 successfully crossover only some up side, down side support is 4800 decisively break immediate target 4750-4730. Technically it is in channel line formation below 4781 can see more down side. Today Magic No. 4899 remain below bear favour...

Last week market was full control of Bears and rampage in the street due to largely global concern regarding European banks, Morgan Stanley down grading global economic growth, fear that developed economies are on the verge of entering recession again. FIIs again pressed sales in secondary market and finally made a low of 16000, which is critical support zone in near term, which is also 38.2% retracement of the rally from March 2009 low. 

Now we may consider in this week support previous week low 15987 and decisively break it will heading towards 15650-15300-15000 mark. Beyond 15000 more down side and non stop target 13000+ likely in medium term. On the positive sided, hold 16000- pull back rally on the card up to 16450-16775.

Today: At the end of the week BSE SENSEX open positively and showing volatile situation. And corrective rally in the market showing new lows in the market at the end close negatively. Now we may consider resistance 16352-16432-16683 and fresh move only above that level, down side support exit 15987-15789 and stay with volume more downside. Today below 16303 down side continue.

BANK NIFTY STOCK : Overall trend is extremely bearish but in over sold region and some bounce back cannot be ruled out. Last we were bearish below 10300 and finally it has made a low 9300. Now in this week consider resistance 9650-9700, decisively crossover it will some strength due to short covering and may test 9850-9990. Down side support 9300, thereafter weakness continues. Try to exit on rise. Two close below 9300 target 8410. Corrective rally will face resistance 10000.


NIFTY STOCK MARKET : Last week it was reversal from the 200 DMA 5730 and finally made a low of 5453. On the other hand disappointing earnings from the front line companies and US debt crisis seemed undecided about the market direction by FIIs. Derivative volume crossed Rs. 230000 crores in last few sessions indicate big move in either side in next week. 

The next focus mainly drama in US legislature at the 2nd August deadline for hiking the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling draws close. There could be a relief rally if a resolution accepted by both houses before the deadline, if not accepted, so overall crash situation in worldwide likely. Weekly Magic No. 5603.

Fibonaci Study: As per broad based Fibonacci projection study from the low in 2004 and the significant high and low of 2008 calculate, which reveal next target of 7317 which is a 61.8%

BSE : After RBI policy, big down side seen resulted week-to-week, the short-term trend turned negative last week with sensex moving below 50 as well the 20 DMA. The weekly oscillators also decline into negative zone last week. In this week, we may consider a strong support 18000, in that even the decline can further extended up to 17500-17314. However, at lower level buying emerges cannot be ruled out. On the positive side, it will face resistance 18350-18500 then 18850. Failure to cross 18350-18400 will be an indication of an impending decline. Weekly Magic No. 18424.

Today: BSE SENSEX open negatively and it was showing some volatile session on down side in the market and close negatively. Now we may consider resistance18200-18320 and support is 18012-17781. Magic No. 18037 - Close below 18000 easily wipe out 300 points.

BANK NIFTY STOCK MARKET : Last week due to RBI credit policy major jerk were saw in Banking Index resulted made a low of 10763 from the high 11435 and almost wipe out more than 750 points and finally closed at 10926. Now consider resistance 11000-11125 in near term, downside support 10850, decisively break with volume nonstop target 10500-10400 range. Magic No. of this week 11125.

Today: Intraday Nifty open flat too negatively and It was showing volatile session in the market and close negatively. Today support is 10750-10635-10520 mark, higher level resistance 10800-10941-11000 watch out. Today Magic No. 10730.

CNX IT : Today: CNX IT open negatively and it was showing down side volatile situation and close negatively. It breaks the 6300 level and tries going the 2nd support level. Now we may consider support of 6250-6222-6199 and resistance we can see around firstly 6325-6359-6400. Trading below 50 and 200 DMA.

Looks HOT SELL...
We are in selling mode below 230.
Last and final support exit 205 - then 190.

Last week we have recommend to sell below 900
And added more short once break 860 -
Overall trend is bearish...
Time being support 820 - corrective rally but try to exit.
Down side target 820-800 then 756 possible.

Below 85 time to sell side.
Time to book profit and re enter at lower level. 

980 to 1120
Sell at higher level
Sell at lower level also...

Result Day
Watch support level 427-430
Decisively break only weakness.
Higher level resistance 444 - Strength above only. 

Below 307 u will see...?
Higher level resistance.

Close eye 678-680 and decide
Your trading strategy.


Time to sell ...
Below 1350 do not think to buy.

Below 100 selling opportunity.



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