Nifty break the 200 DMA on expiry. If we see on charts it shows the triangle formation we can see the down side level at 5438 level and the next important level to watch out for in NIFTY major resistance would be mainly 5620 which is around 200 DMA and next MR is 5750. Below 5550 major weakness in the market and may test 5375 in near term. 

Yesterday BSE SENSEX showing very volatile session and showing negatively. The next important level to watch out for upside MR-18710 and downside MS we see 17804 levels. Its indicators also negative side.
Over all last week closed 3% and its penetration of the 19000 level indicate near term trend is bearish. Break of this important level in near term likely test 17925 . However long term trend is still bullish with consider major support of bull market is 16000 and hold this level in coming days/month will stay positive and re test of the life time high again cannot be ruled out. 

Now in that time BANK NIFTY was showing very volatile session last day of the week it closes negatively. If we see in the charts it give the breakout on downside at 10700 level. And next target we will see at 9905. And if we see the MR LEVEL 10900 It can show positivity we expected.
Trading range 10500 to 11150..... Weekly close below 10500 down side target 9800-9000 in near term. Resistance 11500 .
Major support broken - time to sell... with consider resistance...................down side last and final support exit................thereafter free fall up to...............3000. (we are in selling mode at the level of 3280 and still hold short position)
Hot Sell--- 1300 now watch to support level.......thereafter more down side...

Below 1040-1050 do not think to buy this stock.. Once break and trade below.... Their major resistance level.........?............and closed below likely test 800 + in near term.
First we gone short below 300 and added below 285 and more added more 250 .. and still showing weakness.... But at the current level over sold counter.....any panic to consider support 200 level and start buying in small lots and forgot about Index-market. Just buy leader have a patience.
Big down side in coming days.... Your stop loss .......?..... for short position...last and final support exit..................then watch the horror show in this counter. (Our paid clients holding short position with hedging... On Friday we gone short big quantity at the level of 232 and cover 221 - if you gone simple 5 lots ...2000 x 5 =10000 shares and gained 10 points, simply earned Rs. 1.00 lacs)

Time to sell of....Our target.......?............resistance 1220-1230 watch out.... (we are having a short position in this counter)
Please do not excite this counter.......Major resistance 650 and support exit 620... First target 580, thereafter vertical fall really you will see in Trading Screen.... Real move only above if closed above 700 level.. till then sell on rise strategy. 


The FIIs on Tuesday stood as net buyer in equity while net seller in debt. Gross equity purchased stood at Rs 2,593.3 Crore and gross debt purchased stood at Rs 548.2 Crore, while the gross equity sold stood at Rs 2,398.4 Crore and gross debt sold stood at Rs 1,179.4 Crore. Therefore, the net investment of equity and debt reported were Rs 194.9 Crore and Rs (631.2) Crore respectively.

On BSE, total number of share traded was 26.04 Crore and total turnover stood at Rs. 3629.03 Crore. On NSE, total number of shares traded was 54.88 Crore and total turnover stood at Rs. 13064.45 Crore.

Top traded volumes on NSE Nifty – Suzlon Energy Ltd. 12138876.00, Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd. 7924592.00, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 7365721.00, ICICI Bank Ltd. 6990621.00 and Hindalco Industries Ltd. 6623592.00.

Nifty Future Closing : 5627
Watch carefully today's nifty magical figure... 5633
Buy Nifty Future above magical figure for upside
First target...   5654 and above it
Second target...    5681
and crosses over both it will come...    5708
Sell Nifty Future, if Nifty is running below magical figure then your downside
First target...    5602 
Second target... 5577
Third target... 5553

(Closing - 18684)
Today's Sensex magical figure... 18702
Above magical figure upside targets ,
First target ... 18765
Second target...18845
Third target ... 18925
Sensex Running Below Magical Figure,
First target ....   18608
Second Target ... 18534
Third target ...18462

(Closing - 10734)
Today's magical figure...10750
Buy it above magical figure upside
First target ... 10808
Second target ... 11882
Third target...    11956
Sell it if running below Magical figure for downside:
First target ...10626
Second target...10517
Third target ... 10409

(Closing - 2065)
Today's magical figure... 2066
Buy it above magical figure upside targets
First target ... 2087
Second target ... 2114
Third target ... 2136
Sell it running below Magical figure for downside:
First arget ...2044
Second target ...2020
Third target ... 2000

(Closing - 737)
Today's magical figure... 740
Buy it above magical figure upside
First target ... 753
Second target ... 768
Third target ... 780
Sell it running below Magical figure for downside:
First target ...722
Second target ...206
Third target ... 697



Total OI of NIFTY FUT up 5.47%, NIFTY NOV FUT closed up 4.27%  last week. 26 points premium decreased to 20 points ( -6 points ) premium  compare to NIFTY SPOT last week.

Out of NIFTY 50 STOCK FUTS, 39 STOCK FUTS closed positive, 1 STOCK FUTs closed negative and 10 STOCK FUTs closed flat last week.

OI of current series 6100 CE is down 38.27% prices up 131.92% showing Aggressive short covering. OI of current series 6200 CE is down 10.49% prices up 155.87%, 6300 CE is up 3.80% prices up 182.26% showing short covering plus buying. OI of current series 6400 CE is up 63.13% prices up 205.67% and 6500 CE is up 40.88% prices up 244.83% showing buying. 6500 CE highest OI at 61.53 LK. Highest OI shifted upward from 6200 CE to 6500 CE last week.

OI of current series 6100 PE is up 123.99% prices down 74.80% and 6200 PE is up 282.44% prices down 70.03% showing Aggressive put writing. OI of current series 6300 PE is up 261.11% prices down 64.29% showing put writing. 6000 PE highest OI at 60.73 LK.

Total OI of NIFTY NOV series CALLs is up by 17.73 LK to 3.03 CR showing short covering plus buying, PUTs is up by 1.10 CR to 4.38 CR showing Aggressive put writing last week. NIFTY NOV series PCR (OI) at 1.44 up by 0.29 points last week.

FII OI in INDEX FUT at 522767 contracts down by 18274 contracts showing short covering.INDIA VIX at 19.36 down by 1.40 points last week.


After negative opening nifty showing some volatility and close flat to positive. The next important level to watch out for tomorrow intraday trading the Nifty support level would be 5654-5597, while the resistance level would be 5749-5786.

Today consider support 5650 which is strong support, below selling pressure on the card, higher level resistance 5750... Hold this level and stay with volume over all buying in the market. Strength only above 5750 on closing basis. Move out this trading range will play.

After showing some volatile situation it closes positively. The next important level to watch out for tomorrow intraday trading in BSE support would be 18861-18675, while the resistance would be 19166-19286. 

Over all looks that bears are more power full at the current level bulls unable to surpass resistance level 19250 and finally compel to close below 19000 levels. Above 19167-19200 expected some positive side.. Whereas the lower bank 18750 watch out.

After some volatile situation BANK NIFTY showing good strength and close positively. The next important level to watch out for tomorrow intraday share trading in BANK NIFTY support would be 10568-10337, while the resistance would be 10954-11109.

Now consider resistance 11000-11150.. Successfully crossover over all buying in Banking stock.. otherwise reversal to sell for big profit... Just follow levels and play....


We had witnessed heavy & abnormal volatility in markets last week – ZIG ZAG seen in last 3 trading sessions – seems something cooking bad in the markets unknowingly… Sharp rise & drop about 100-150 points in few seconds – gives panic on both sellers & buyers…

FII’s continued to be net seller in first 2 weeks of Jan 2011 for a tune about Rs.4300 crore while Rs.3000 selling are absorbed by Domestic institutions… But how long DII’s can absorb the selling… As we indicated in our Diwali Special Article – Developed markets like U.S are in recovery path – FII may take back money to home countries if nothing found reliable in Asian Markets… Dollar Strengthening also a major factor…

Next Major factor to watch is the forthcoming Q3 numbers of industry leaders in coming week (AXISBANK, BAJA-AUTO, BHEL, GAIL, HCLTECH, ITC, LT, PNB, RIL & TCS)… Outlook by industry leaders to be monitored closely, that may have some negative surprise driven by higher inflation and commodity prices…

Finally, what will be the impact of SEBI’s restriction on ANIL AMBANI (ADAG GROUP), RELINFRA & RNRL’s participation in secondary markets – Now major question is in what way these companies going to go ahead with their earlier fund raising plans and how its going to effect the earning hereon & how their shareholders going to treat it… We expect major damage in these stock – May see a blood bath also, because this announcement came after market closed on Friday 14 Jan-11…

The Volatility is clear evidence of Punters market than traders market… Clear resemblance of Sep 2010… When considering all the above factors, it seems market to give a bit more correction, with immediate support seen at 5550 and major support at 5400 levels with upside cap at 5850-5900 levels… One can start invest in good quality large caps when market tanks & consolidates near 5400-5500 levels…


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A Strong fall was seen in last week the, the fall still seems to continue this week also, the index looks to follow the Fibonacci retracement, yearly support the 5700 break on last day of the week, as we write the 5700 level, now the trader can watch the fall in near days, paid clients advised to trade according to paid newsletter, for medium term view the nifty index may reach at 4750 also.

RELIANCE:  A consolidation of price movement or a price correction may be underway. Support level of 1006 was broken today. When the monthly S1 ( support level 1 ) is broken - we can look for a possible drop to the monthly S2.

TATA MOTORS:  Maintain short position.  Price projection of   1141has been reached. Stop at 1317 The support level of   1173 was broken when prices closed below the top pitchfork line.The monthly S1 has been tested recently. Support level of   1218 was broken today. When the monthly S1 ( support level 1 ) is broken - we can look for a possible drop to the monthly S2 ( support level 2).

M&M:  A sell signal was confirmed. Maintain short position.  The support level of    725 was broken on.  Stop at  796. Wave C could drop down to 702 or to    663.

TATA STEEL : Support level of    629 was broken today. Look for a possible drop to the next support level.

HINDALCO: Stop of  236 was reached on.

STERLITE: Support level of 179 was broken today. When the monthly pivot point is broken - we can look for a possible drop to the monthly S1 ( support level 1).

BHARTI AIRTEL: The market closed below the middle fibonacci fan line. Prices could retrace down to the bottom fan line before finding support.

RCOM: A sell signal was also confirmed when this contract closed below    145  Stop at    150 Wave 3 could drop down to 115-95.   

SBIN: Market is holding below the   2675 level. Maintain short position. Stop at   2845.   Wave C could drop down to 2042.

 ICICI BANK: Market has closed below the   1048 level. Maintain short position.  Stop at   1153. Wave 5 could drop down to 1002 or to 903.

AXIS BANK: Maintain short position.  Stop at   1380.0000.   Wave 5 could drop down to   1032.  

PNB: A consolidation looking here, the 1245 level looking here a resistance, short the counter at 1245 with the stop loss of 1260 target can be 1170 in coming days.


Infosys Announces Q3 Results(Lower than Expected): On a Standalone basis, the Company posted a net profit of Rs 16410 Mln while the Total Income increased to Rs 68090 Mln. On a consolidated basis, the Revenue growth was almost flattish in the current quarter when compared sequentially which was modestly lower than the streets estimates. The company has topped its own estimates but the out performance of the IT companies during the past 2 quarters upped the streets expectations w.r.t. the financial growth both in terms of Rupee and Dollar revenues.

The 6200 calls continue to witness writing. The 6000-6200 zone should be difficulty to get now looking at the data. Lots of put buying has been seen. There is no specific floor as of now ever since the 6000 level was broken.
The PCR ratio was at 0.85 v/s 0.75, which signifies bearish sentiment and I.V’s were between the levels of 21%-23%.
ALOK, BATAIND & ABGSHIP has seen long build up in trade.
PRAJIND, SUZLON, RENUKA & ORCHIDCHEM saw short covering in trade.
IOC, JETAIRWAYS, BAJAJ AUTO & LT saw shorts getting piled.

No major counters saw long unwinding in trade.  Yesterday all leading American indices like Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ index and the S&P 500 (SPX) ended in green. Dow was up by 0.72% and closed at 11755; S&P 500 was up by 0.90% at 1286. European indices ended in green too with FTSE up by 0.61%, DAX was up by 1.83% & CAC 40 was up by 2.15%. Today major stock markets in Asia are trading in green. Shanghai Composite is up by 0.11% at 2825 and Hang Seng is up by 0.82% at 24324. Japan’s Nikkei is up by 0.64% at 10581 and Singapore’s Straits Times is up by 0.21% at 3252.

The market closed below the bottom fibonacci fan line. Prices could really fall out now. Support level of   6030. was broken today. When the monthly pivot point is broken  the wave 2 is not seems to complete here. but if it sustain the 5879 then it show some short term strength, on basic chart also the price is near to double bottom formation, here not a clear view for this week but the range of nifty can be 6080-5739. if the index show some weak sign again of the last days of the week then the possible target will be more down side of last bottom (5740).

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The Bank Nifty started negative opening on last day. Bank Nifty made a high of 11258.50. Yesterday Bank Nifty was showing heavy correction. At the end BANK NIFTY was closed negative at 11053.35 level with the loss of (-1.19%) -133.45. In the banking sectoral front BANKINDIA was the gainer followed by BANKBARODA. While the looser were ORIENTBANK and CANBK. And at the end breadth of the Bank Nifty's overall advance decline ratio is terribly poor 2/10. 

For the intraday share trading would be at 10955-10856, while the resistance would be 11205-11357. Last and final support exit 11000, then it test 10700 thereafter no support and likely wipe out another 1000 points easily . Trade and sustained above 12000 level will change the trend.

Maintain short position.  The C - wave seems to be falling rather quickly. The support level of  11045 on last day of the week. Wave C could drop down to   10277  The market closed below the bottom Fibonacci fan line. Prices could really fall out now. This is very bearish, Support level of  11150 was broken today. Look for a possible drop to the next support level.

Reversal from the high of last trading sessions. Now consider resistance 1070-1080 range decisively crossover will time to long side, downside major support 1035-1050.. below it will test 1030, thereafter free fall......Panic/dip to buy in small lots. No short sell. 

Support broken with volume.... Now play for short sell ....

Below 700 do not hold single stock and ultimate test 626.....there after more down side... Technically bearish and excellent fundamental stock.

Keep a stop loss 108 and 111 sell side....for target 98 thereafter review your decision.

Friday trading high 512 is a most crucial resistance...... think to buy only above that level, otherwise keep a stop loss and play for short sell.....quick money strategy to be adopted.


Stock market ..? Is it a big loss or small gain. Small gain means you should have profit booking on small gains when market is highly volatile. It’s better to take small gains rather to have big loss . One should not  be so  greedy to his or her investment because its your money not others. In stock market you can have profits only if you have some targets in your mind as per your investment. Without target and even without stop loss you can’t make profits in stock market. Being in a stock market as a trader or investor you have to make decisions quickly. It means when you have to take entry and when to exit to your stock. But, if you are new to stock market you have to take advice by your stock adviser. Stock adviser plays a role of an advocate in stock market as same as in real life.

This is very must that you must follow your adviser’s advice. Your adviser is the person who guides you to the entry and exit levels. Your stock adviser is the person who guides you that when to make profit or when to exit on loss. Your adviser is like your advocate as mentioned above. So, no one can better advice you than your stock adviser . You should follow up your adviser’s guidelines for being in stock market so don’t try to be your own decision maker in stock market.

As we look at past  that a new trader or investor never makes a good profit unless and until he/she guided by a stock adviser. So, there is no harm to take a advice with your stock adviser. Stock adviser takes your all trade responsibilities on his shoulders because if you make profit your adviser will gain your trust and if you loose then it’s a negative act on part of your adviser. So your adviser don’t want to be negative on his part and defending himself he don’t want that you get loss in stock market.  So, there is no harm to have a stock adviser and follow the guidelines as per him.

There are many advantages by having stock adviser like he takes care of your portfolio and he guides you when to enter and when to exit in market. You don’t need to bother about the stocks having in your portfolio adviser manage it.

In a nut shell your stock advisor will decides that whether to have big loss or small gains…!

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