PFC witnessed addition of long positions in the last trading session. The stock saw an addition of 49.67% in open interest with an increase in cost of carry from -19.52% to -16.58%. Long positions can be assumed in the stock at 328-332 levels for targets of 346 and 352 levels with a stop loss placed below 315 levels.

The Indian bourses has built on early morning''s gains and has accelerated in late morning trade with the BSE Sensex crossing the 20,000 milestone and the NSE Nifty crossing the 6,000 mark. Initial strength in the domestic market came on the back of gains by the Asian counterparts on the back of the announcement by Federal Reserve official that the US economic growth next year may be stronger than some economists forecast. Further, the broader market is keeping pace with the benchmark indices, leading to decisively positive market breadth.
On NSE Future and Options, total number of contracts traded in index futures was 424896 with a total turnover of Rs 12,089.08 Crore. Along with this total number of contracts traded in stock futures were 569590 with a total turnover of Rs 16,087.07 Crore. Total numbers of contracts for index options were 2154659 with a total turnover of Rs 64,571.76 Crore and total numbers of contracts for stock options were 129412 and notional turnover was Rs 3,913.36 Crore.

For Intraday Tips:

Technically sensex looking sideways for coming days. The next major Resistance level of sensex is 20457. Target and Stop loss for clients only.

NIFTY ---- (SUPPORT--5911/5828----RESISTANCE--6023/6154) --6023/6154)  
Technically Nifty is also looking sideways for coming days. The next major Strong Resistance in the nifty is above 6154 mark. Nifty future Target and Stop loss for clients only.  

Intraday Stock looking strong Technically. Indicators showing good up move for next few days. Traders can Buy cash and future for short term. Target and Stop loss only for Clients. 
Intraday Stock is looking great to buy for short term traders and investors. Traders can Buy cash and future. Target and Stop loss only for Clients.


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